Rowing Shell Use

None of the privately owned rowing shells and oars may be used by others without permission of the boat's owner.

The rowing club owns two shells and oars that can be checked out and used by members. They are fiberglass recreational shells that are stable enough for an advanced beginner to use, but provides a satisfying experience for intermediate rowers as well. Depending on demand, additional boats may be added in the future.

Your club membership fee allows you to use the club rowing shells. There is a signup slate on the dock for club members to reserve either shell for a specific time period.

Before a member will be granted use privileges on the club boat, they will need to be checked out by a club member. Their check shall include:

    1. A re-entry test (demonstrate ability to re-enter a shell from the water).
    2. A check row with and experienced rower.
    3. A signed waiver of liability form.

To assist prospective rowers in buying a boat of their own, the Club periodically hosts open houses in which people may come down to the docks to row in member's shells and receive instruction. We will match members with others who want to share ownership of similar type shells. We can provide advice, literature, and (for some models) discounts to members who wish to purchase a rowing shell for themselves.