Gastineau Channel Challenge Regatta
Schedule of Events
Saturday, June 27

The date for the 2015 Regatta has not been set yet. This is the Juneau Rowing Club's main annual event, and we invite all rowers, and friends of rowers, to come out and enjoy the races.

Eligibility: Any and all rowers are invited to participate. The field is limited by channel width to 8 boats in the men’s race, and 8 boats in the women’s race.  Races are intended primarily for single shells. Doubles may be entered, but they will not place (exhibition only). Only rowers who are registered for the regatta and who have signed waiver forms can compete.

Registration: A registration table will be set up on the dock at the north end of the Yacht Club Parking lot at 11 AM on Saturday.  Registration costs 10 dollars for members and 20 dollars for nonmembers. This fee covers the cost of your Gastineau Challenge Regatta tee-shirt, refreshments (fruit and juice at the race), and food for the JRC barbeque following the races. Additional shirts can be purchased at the registration table throughout the afternoon (10 dollars each).

The Races: The regatta will consist of an open race for men and an open race for women.  Heats for men and women will begin at noon.

The Course: The 2009 race has been shorted from the original distance (1370 meters) to 1000 meters (to conform to standard racing distances).  The race course starts at the a point about 370 meters south of the green day-board marker in mid channel, approximately 2 miles north of the Douglas Bridge (a start line marker will be place on the shore next to the Eagan Expressway). The finish line is at the terminus of the dock on the north side of the Juneau Yacht Club Parking lot.  As each boat crosses the finish line, the judges will blow an air horn. Row through the finish!

Race rules: Starting lane assignments will be by random draw when you register. The race marshall will align the rowers, giving each boat commands to “bring it up” or back it down” until all are roughly in line. The starting command will be “Are you ready? Ready all….Row!” Rowers will no doubt wander from assigned lanes, but you must take care not to interfere with other rowers. If you are being overtaken by another boat, you must give way to the overtaking boat.  Rowers should not sit immediately ahead of other boats, forcing them to deal with your shell’s wake. A race marshal in the following safety boat will direct you if you are risking collision or undue interference. Finish line judges will determine order of finish, with the elapsed time of each boat recorded as it crosses the finish line.

What you win: Besides bragging rights, winners of each race will have their names suitably enshrined on a permanent trophy. Second through 4th place finishers receive ribbons. And everyone has a good time!

Post Race Barbeque:  A post race barbeque/pot luck will be held at a site and time yet to be determined.  At the barbeque we’ll have ample time to relive the races, congratulate the winners, and ponder what might have been (if we‘d drawn a different lane, worked out more, lost some weight, slowed our slide, had a longer boat, a carbon boat, different oars, etc. etc. etc…) It should be great fun!

Photo by Michael Penn