Manufacturers of open water rowing shells:
A good source for build-it-yourself rowing shells. Several club members own these., and Ron Mueller provides great service. . Located in Bellingham Wa., so boats can come up by ferry. They are the NW dealer for Echo rowing shells too.
One of the longest-established rowing shell manufacturers in the country. Proven designs, from racers to beginner models. Ron Flint, at Nugget Alakan Outfitter, is a local dealer.
A relatively new boat on the market that features folding riggers and is easy to transport. Several of these are owned by club members and they really like them. A solid, fast, forgiving boat.
Another of the older, more established rowing shell manufacturers in the country. Some models feature removable riggers. Models for all types of rowers from beginner to advanced.
A California-based company with a solid reputation for fast, durable ocean racers. Lot’s of models and proven designs. Several are owned by members of the rowing club.

Northwest Rowing:
An e-magazine for northwest rowers and clubs. Lots of great info, merchandise, forums, and links to other clubs in Pacific Northwest.

Alaska Links
Fritz's Boat Page Boatbuilding and Boat Projects from Juneau, Alaska
An anchorage-based club that features recreational rowers as well as competitive teams in both sweeps and sculls.

Good All-around rowing links!
The National Governing Body for the sport of Rowing in the US. Comprehensive information here.
Merchandise, regatta results, classified ads, photos, news. This site has it all.
A rowing magazine for the serious row fanatic
Thousands of links to rowing clubs, colleges, high schools, vendors and associations from around the US and the globe (literally!).