Juneau Rowing Club

Rowing Float Use

Members who car-top their boats to the harbor may use the club floats for launching and landing their shells free of charge. If a member wishes to store a shell on the floats, there is a fee of $325 or $200 per year (depending on which float is used).

The Rowing club is not responsible for theft or damage to boats and oars stored on the floats. The owners of the floats will maintain the tie-up lines to the dock, keep the float decking shoveled during winter, and check on them during storms (just as any prudent boat owner would). They are not responsible for keeping snow and ice off your individual shells, making sure your shells and oars are secure during wind storms, or keeping them locked up against theft.

Many rowers take their equipment off the floats during fall and winter months (when darkness and weather limits rowing), in order to minimize weathering damage and possible loss due to theft and windstorms. Rowers may privately purchase insurance against such losses.

Space on the floats is limited, and at present is barely adequate to meet demand. The rowing club will maintain a list of people waiting for space on the floats, and assign spaces in order as spots open up. People who are currently renting space on the floats have the first option to renew their lease for the future lease year. Spaces on the floats cannot be privately transferred or assigned (although they can offer their space to another if they will be temporarily out of town, or have their shell in off-season storage).

Photo by Becky Campbell