It dawns on Frank Cunningham, former Olympic coach, what he has to work with in Juneau!

Club News and Events

Rowing Club – General Information
The Juneau Rowing Club was formed in 2003 primarily through the efforts of Matt Kirchoff and Toy Campbell.  The goal of the Club is to promote rowing to provide an opportunity for healthy exercise and competition for the people of Juneau.  The Bylaws of the Juneau Rowing Club are available for all members to see by clicking on the following link: Bylaws.  Members are invited to attend regularly scheduled board meetings, and member meetings, to suggest different, better ways of conducting Club Business.

2015 Updates
Updated June 16,2015

Annual rental fees for space on the rowing club floats are due July 1. Fees are either $325 or $200 per year, depending on which float you are on. The float rental rates are slightly higher than past years due to an increase in harbor rent. Current space holders have first dibs, but we expect a few spots to open up (assigned first come, first served). Having a place to store and launch your shell on the water makes a huge difference in the amount of use it gets.  When you pay your rental fees, remember to include your car license plate number so that you can receive a harbor parking permit.  If you'd like to reserve a space on the floats for your rowing shell, please contact club treasurer, Colleen Sullivan.